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Zombie Frappuccino anyone? It’s Halloween after all so why the hell not!

zombie hand holding a frappuccino

If you choose to skip over Halloween in your marketing plan then it’s time to wake up and smell the zombie frappuccino! Full monster-mode is not essential, but a little Halloween never hurt anyone. On the contrary, could help to boost business.

Halloween is basically a free pass for businesses of all shapes and sizes to get creative and have some freaky fun. It’s the perfect opportunity to engage with your customers and show them the personality behind your brand.

And there’s pretty much nothing to be frightened of! In fact, the only thing you should be scared of is missing the opportunity Halloween presents for marketing your business.

Starbucks certainly aren’t missing a trick (or treat) by launching their zombie frappuccino this Halloween season. Twitter has been buzzing with news of the green and pink drink reportedly going on sale from Oct 26-31. If the anticipation alone is anything to go by the macabre coffee is a bonafide hit before a single drop of brain juice has been poured.

So how can we emulate the zombie frappuccino factor in our own businesses?  In this article I’m going to look at 5 ways we can leverage Halloween in our marketing and communications efforts.

1. Seasonality

Cadbury’s know exactly what they’re doing by re-releasing the Cream Egg each year in the lead up to Easter and limiting supply to certain months. If you’re a fan like me then you’ll understand the flurry of excitement I get when I see the Cream Egg basket reinstated in my local shop once more. And you’ll probably also understand why I might take a snap and send it to my partner in Cream Egg crime.

The Shamrock Shake is another excellent example of the lure of limited supply; Making sure I drop in to McDonald’s to get one has become a mandatory part of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for me, and judging by the queues – many others.

I’m in little doubt that the Zombie Frappuccino can achieve similar cult status.

Seasonal items are by their nature limited. That means we have to have them now or miss our chance, hence why I never walk past a Cream Egg basket without picking one up; and hence why I ordered a pumpkin late this morning instead of an Americano. Never under estimate the curiosity factor – the urge we feel to ‘try’ something!

Can you introduce a seasonal offering to your customers around the Halloween period? It needs to be a product, service or event you only offer around Halloween. The more you get in the spirit of things the more appealing it will be.

Some examples? If you are a beauty parlour you could offer a pumpkin facial or, better still, sell a secret witches potion. A restaurant could put blue ‘monster mash’ on the menu – sounds gross but every kid I know would order it. Or maybe run an annual monster munch lunch,  A gym could run a Zombie apocalypse assault course event.

All you need to create a seasonal offering is a bit of  imagination.


2. Halloween Promotion

Not all businesses can do a seasonal Halloween offer. However, you can still leverage Halloween as a promotional opportunity.

The promotion itself may have nothing whatsoever to do with Halloween bar the words used. It nevertheless shows that you are up for a bit of Halloween fun and are embracing the holiday. For copywriters like me Halloween promotions offer lots of scope for word play and a good old Halloween pun, or punkin whahaha!

  • Prices so low they’re scary
  • Spooktacular Sale
  • Eat, Drink and be Scary!
  • Dare to…
  • Unearth Big Halloween Savings
  • Wonderfully Wicked
  • Halloween Offers to Fright and Delight
  • Wickedly delicious
  • Goulish goodies
  • Beware of these bewitching X
  • No tricks, just treats

3.  Get Spooky on Social media

Halloween is all about letting your hair down – or putting your wig on even. It’s a great chance to show your customers a bit of personality and to let them know that your business is run by real humans, even if they have to dress like monsters to prove it!

  • Document what’s happening in your business on social by sharing photos of your decorated premises or office.
  • Share photos or videos of your staff in fancy dress.
  • Wish your customers a Happy Halloween using  a fun video or graphic.
  • Spook up your profile picture for the day


4. User-generated content on social media

Social media is of course a two-way flow of communication.  Rather than just showing your customers what your business is up to for Halloween you can let them be part of it!  Halloween is the perfect opportunity for user-generated content which has the absolute highest levels of engagement,

Why not host a competition for the best fancy dress, best pumpkin carving, Halloween recipes or just about anything you can conjure up in your cauldron!  Put up a nice prize and you are guaranteed entries. Make the competition a public vote and you’ll be as happy as a trick or treater with a full bag of new fans!

5. Halloween-themed Content Marketing

If publishing content online is part of your digital marketing strategy then consider using Halloween as a content hook. I guarantee this can work for all business types.

You can simply use the language of Halloween to frame your content or you can delve into spooky themes more directly. Either way you’ll be able to create eye-grabbing titles and editorial structures to capture the attention of your audience.

Here are some examples from a variety of industry:

  • For an accountancy firm: What’s scarier than Dracula and Frankenstein put together? Not paying your taxes!
  • For An Estate Agent: Beware of moving next door to the Adam’s Family: 10 ways to suss out if you’ve got good neighbours!
  • For a bookshop: Putting the Boo in Book: The 5 Most Terrifying Horrors of all time.

Happy Halloween

Now that the pumpkin seed of Halloween has been planted in your marketing strategy it’s time to get creative! The tips in this article will help you zone in on what exactly you will focus on this Halloween and hopefully give you a few ideas to play with.

As you can tell from reading this article I’m an absolute blood sucker for Halloween. I’d love to hear what you do, or plan to do in your business around Halloween and see any photos or videos you’d like to share! You can haunt my blog by sharing your spooktacular stories in the comment box below.

Happy Halloween!

Sinead Gillett

Creative Director